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Privacy Policy

 -'s Membership Privacy Policy

As an Internet user, you have the right to expect any Web Site to disclose its privacy policies which explain how your personal information is collected, used, and shared. You also have a responsibility to choose which Web Sites you feel comfortable disclosing such information to.

Item A: Why do you need my personal information for Member Registration?

In order to provide community services and benefits to you as a Member, maintains a limited amount of your personal information given during Registration and the optional Member Profile Survey. Your identifying information protects your uniqueness as a member, preventing others from using the same log-in or Message Boards Screen Name.

We also compile general Member info to create an in-house demographic profile of our Members for the sole purpose of bringing more relevant content and services to the community of residents, users and businesses. We always welcome and rely upon your suggestions for improvements and additional services.

Item B: Who has access to my Member Registration & Profile Survey information?

First, we pledge that will under no circumstances willingly give access to your Registration or Profile Survey information to any third party for any purpose, either commercial or otherwise. Even in-house use of your information is restricted and password-protected: only a limited number of our Professional Staff can view your personal demographic information.

The information you entrust to us is protected on a secure web server; we have made and continue to make substantial efforts to achieve a well protected environment. However, - nor any Web Site operator - can completely guarantee that your information will be immune from unauthorized access.

Item C: What about Cookies? Registered Members are required to have Cookies enabled on their computers. During a web session on, we rely on this technology to allow you to access your Registered Member profile and My Welcometoharlem Member Info page as many times as you wish while using the other pages of our site. Once initially logged-in, you will not be prompted for your log-in name and password again unless you log out. This mechanism is employed solely for your convenience and for no other purpose.

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